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benefits of mesotherapy for face

What Is Meso Treatment For The Face?

Facial Mesotherapy (also known as Mesolift) is one of the most effective skin treatments for reversing apparent indications of ageing, including those induced by environmental factors such as pollution, sun exposure, lifestyle, and stress.

The treatment injects a customized cocktail of nutrients into the deeper layers of your skin using a specific needle and is especially beneficial for dull and dry skin.

This therapy is helpful not just on the face but also on the neck, cleavage, and hands. It is widely used to treat wrinkles around the eyes and neck, areas impacted by UV rays, changing weather, smoking, alcohol, dehydration, a poor diet, low-quality cosmetic products, etc.

The treatment can address various concerns and provide multiple results depending on the combination of substances used in the injections.

Mesotherapy, for example, can rapidly improve dull, tired-looking skin and superficial wrinkles while improving blood circulation, allowing the body to flush out age-related toxins, and promoting collagen and elastin formation. It can also help with hyperpigmentation and acne, restore radiance, and enhance skin quality and texture, among other things.

Finally, mesotherapy can be used with various non-surgical cosmetic procedures and facelift treatments, including wrinkle removal, face fillers, anti-ageing injections, etc.

Benefits Of Mesotherapy For Face And Neck

Mesotherapy is an excellent non-surgical method for achieving a healthy, glowing appearance. The technique has several benefits, primarily because it uses natural chemicals to nourish the skin from within. Here are some of the benefits of mesotherapy for face and neck.

1. It is safe

The finest part about Mesotherapy is that it employs a combination of primarily natural chemicals, which leads to minimal to no adverse effects. The technique is effective even for persons with sensitive skin. Being minimally intrusive minimizes the risk of problems caused by infections or scars.

Mesotherapy is utilized as an alternative to expensive operations because it is both safe and effective. It is less invasive than plastic surgery and can be combined with an anti-ageing skincare regimen.

2. Improves the look of the skin

Meso treatment has frequently proven an excellent alternative for adding a glow to your skin. This is especially true when treating the areas around the face and neck. Because of the ingredients employed, the treatment helps with discolouration, age spots, and patches.

After the treatment, you will notice a brighter and more even skin tone. The micro-injection encourages the development of collagen and elastin, restoring suppleness to your face.

3. Provides vitamins and other essential nutrients

As previously said, Mesotherapy employs a combination of natural chemicals. As a result, throughout the operation, you will receive serums, vitamins, and other beneficial combinations.

These substances make the skin feel energized and refreshed. When done by an expert, the nutrients will be adequately supplied to the skin.

4. Address several skin problems

Mesotherapy, which can provide tailored nutrients to the skin, has various other benefits. It brightens the skin on the neck and face and gives it more energy. You will notice the results of treatment.

5. Keeps your skin moisturized

Mesotherapy is a unique method of assisting the skin in increasing its moisture content. After the treatment, your skin will appear tight, plump, and healthy.

Mesotherapy Face Cost

Most people require multiple mesotherapy sessions to achieve their desired outcomes; in fact, you can expect to receive at least ten injections.

That means the entire cost of your mesotherapy treatment program could range between $2,000 and $6,000.

meso treatment

Set A Schedule For Mesotherapy Face

Mesotherapy face has many bonuses that can help your skin and appearance. Mesotherapy is a luxury. It refreshes dull skin and reduces the look of fine lines and wrinkles.

Customized vitamins, minerals, and hyaluronic acid are applied directly to the skin during Mesotherapy to help cells grow back and collagen form. Beautiful, young-looking skin makes you feel confident and full of life.

Mesotherapy is a good choice for people who want great skin without surgery because it is painless and has little recovery time. It can also be changed to treat specific skin problems or keep it healthy and glowing.

Regular treatments improve the texture and tone of your face, and the effects last. Meso treatment for the face wakes up tired skin and makes it glow. Spend money on your skin’s future to look beautiful.

Lux Beauty Skin Mesotherapy treatment can help your face look and feel better. Say hello to a bright face and goodbye to a dull one. Make your booking right now and enjoy the beauty waiting for you!

FAQs | Mesotherapy Face

Can I wash my face after Mesotherapy?

Following Mesotherapy, wait at least eight hours before washing your face or bathing. More precisely, avoid taking hot baths for at least 48 hours. You can bathe after 48 hours, but do not linger in the shower for over 15 minutes.

What are the most popular substances for facial Mesotherapy?

A mesotherapy cocktail may comprise over 50 active substances that nourish, heal, and renew skin. Caffeine, hyaluronic acid, L-carnitine, multivitamins, peptides, antioxidants, and plant extracts such as artichoke extract are some of the most popular skin-friendly components utilized in Mesotherapy.

How many Mesotherapy treatments do I need?

The number of meso treatments required for your face is determined by the skin problem you wish to cure. The therapy has a cumulative effect, so we recommend 3 to 6 treatments spaced 2/4 weeks apart to attain your desired results. It is not uncommon to observe noticeable effects after just one session.

How long does facial Mesotherapy last?

Results can last anywhere from 12 to 18 months, depending on your skin type, condition, and amount of sessions done.

Does Mesotherapy for the face hurt?

Because the treatment is administered through numerous injections, there may be some sensitivity. However, a numbing lotion is used before the procedure, so you will only feel a small injection scratch on your skin.

Are there any side effects?

Like any other cosmetic procedure, rare side effects may include bruising, a response to the injected vitamin cocktail, inflammation, and swelling. Most people can return to work soon following treatment. If there is any redness, it usually goes away within 48 hours.

How does Mesotherapy differ from other popular non-surgical cosmetic procedures?

Mesotherapy for the face is an excellent treatment if you do not want to use fillers or wrinkle treatments and instead want to obtain a natural glowing appearance and nourish your skin from the inside out.

Who is appropriate for Mesotherapy?

The procedure is safe for men and women of all ages.

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