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What Is Juvéderm Filler?

Juvéderm dermal fillers are injectables that are used in nonsurgical cosmetic surgery. Fillers enhance, remodel, and reconstruct various facial areas, such as the lips, cheeks, chin, jawline, and undereye hollows.

Injectable fillers efficiently eliminate or reduce fine lines, mild to severe wrinkles, and folds, including nasolabial and perioral lines.

Hyaluronic acid is a naturally occurring molecule that has a fantastic ability to attract and hold water. The injectables contain a changed form of this molecule. This treatment produces natural-looking results, giving patients a well-hydrated, plump, and rejuvenated appearance.

Different Dosages Used For Treatment

Juvederm Voluma XC

Vollure XC plumps the skin, treating moderate to severe wrinkles and facial folds. The effects of this filler treatment last for up to 18 months, which is longer than any other Juvederm product. Vollure XC has fewer side effects, such as discomfort and inflammation.


The FDA-approved Volbella XC dermal filler is intended exclusively for the lips and surrounding areas. The filler consists of a gel that, when injected, corrects lip lines and wrinkles while the HA retains moisture.

The outcomes can last for a year. Volbella XC injections include a local anesthetic. Therefore, treatment tends to be more convenient.

Juvederm Voluma XC

While volume loss is a natural part of the aging process, persons who experience it do not have to accept the diminished cheeks and loose skin that come with it.

Voluma XC dermal filler gel is injected deep into the cheekbones. It provides fullness beneath the skin’s surface, providing a lift and creating a more youthful definition.

Patients say they look up to five years younger after just one treatment! Voluma XC has been proven to last for up to two years. Patients who undergo repeat treatment after two years typically require less product to achieve the same excellent results.

Juvederm ULTRA XC

Loss of volume in the lips can age the face, no matter how smooth and wrinkle-free the skin is. Some folks have always wanted bigger lips. Ultra XC can help them reach that goal regardless of why patients want luscious lips.

Ultra XC is a dermal filler for lip augmentation and perioral rejuvenation. It creates a natural-looking fullness in the lips while decreasing the appearance of vertical lip lines. Lips seem more significant, natural, and gorgeous after using Ultra XC.

According to clinical trials, 79 percent of individuals improved their lip volume significantly after receiving Ultra XC injections.

Furthermore, more than 78 percent of participants said they liked the look and feel of their lips one year after treatment. Ultra XC results might last up to a year!


Some patients seek minor improvements, while others desire more drastic alterations. The doctor may have ordered Ultra Plus XC for more substantial changes.

Juvederm Ultra Plus XC is a thicker cosmetic injectable administered deep within the skin. It is slightly denser and more robust than Juvederm Ultra XC. This filler is suitable for usage in both perioral and other locations.

The critical distinction between Ultra Plus XC and other formulations is their viscosity. Ultra Plus XC’s increased viscosity provides greater fullness, lift, and dramatic results. The location and severity of facial wrinkles and creases determine the use of Juvederm Ultra Plus XC.

Different Dosages Used | juvederm fillers

How Much Does Juvederm Cost?

Prices for Juvederm are generally listed per syringe, but some patients may require more than one. The amount of Juvederm necessary for your treatment is decided by the size of the treated area and the amount of filler needed to achieve the desired results.

The national average cost of injection is $750 per treatment session. Prices depend on where you live and how skilled and experienced the doctor is. All dermal filler injections are conducted by physicians with extensive knowledge of facial structure.

During your visit, your first Ultra or Ultra Plus syringe, Volbella for lip lines, or Voluma, the longest-lasting cheek and jawline filler, would cost $675 to $975. Your second and third syringes will be reduced by $100 each. Enrolling in Allergan’s Alle program for cosmetic injection can result in even more significant savings.

Similarities Between Radiesse Filler vs Juvederm

Radiesse vs Juvederm both give beautiful, natural results that make the face look younger and refreshed. The treatments are minimally invasive, using an ultra-fine needle for several injections. Both formulations contain lidocaine, which numbs the injection site during the process.

Radiesse vs Juvederm have no downtime. Patients who receive either filler can quickly resume normal activities following their treatment.
Both dermal filler brands are FDA-approved for nonsurgical cosmetic procedures.

What Is The Difference Between Radiesse Filler vs Juvederm?

The primary component of Juvederm is hyaluronic acid (HA), while Radiesse contains Calcium Hydroxylapatite (CaHA). Both will significantly improve, but your doctor will help you determine the best.

Because it can make the skin make more collagen, Radiesse usually lasts longer than Juvederm. Radiesse outcomes typically last between 18 and 24 months (and maybe longer), but their results can last up to a year. Follow-up treatment is required to sustain the outcomes.

Radiesse often costs more than Juvederm. It’s crucial to note that the final cost of any dermal filler procedure varies from person to patient. Price considerations include their specific needs and the filler required to achieve their objectives.

Which Is Better?

You already know that both fillers assist in combatting aging. But which is better? We reply that both are as great, but it all comes down to your specific requirements. At Dr Aesthetica, we employ both dermal fillers and other non-surgical procedures.

After we examine your specific needs and goals, we can determine which filler is best for you. Sometimes, a patient’s optimum treatment plan includes using Juvederm vs Radiesse to get the desired outcome. In other circumstances, using just one filler will be enough. Finally, most people believe Juvederm or Radiesse are practical and beneficial treatments.

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